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Pet Odor Removal

Clean Up the Accidents

Pet odor and dander can not only cause embarrassment to you as a home owner but can also affect family members and guests who have pet allergies. We have solutions that significantly reduce problems caused by pets. This will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of pet ownership and focus less on the not-so-pleasant side effects.

When dealing with pet urine, regular steam cleaning is not a full solution. Depending on how much urine came out, chances are it will penetrate the backing of the carpet. Once that happens, steam cleaning cannot rinse out the back of the carpet and pad.

We carry a special tool called the water claw. Its designed to rinse and extract moisture out of the back of the carpet and cushion,
Our success rate is 85% or higher for in home carpet odor removal.

Step 1

We first locate each spot with a UV light and mark them with blue tape.

Step 2

Saturate the spot with enzymes that are designed to eat away the bacteria causing odor. Dwell time is needed for this step.

Step 3

Extract our product and repeat the rinsing process atlas 5 times to insure we remove both the urine and product from your carpet.

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